The Healing Poison – Working With Nightmares

Working With Nightmares

Part One of The Dream Seminar Series

Kenneth Kimmel, Jungian Psychoanalyst

About the Seminar

Ever-recurring terrors that leave one mute, paralyzed, suffocating, and helpless; ‘the guilt that lies in wait’; the dissociated hatred in the inner Medusa’s lethal Gaze—these are the expressions of psyche’s raw enigmatic truth–the dreaded dose of the poison that heals.

This brief workshop will offer tools needed to process the somatic, emotional, and imaginal experience ’embedded’ in the nightmare’s enigmatic terror. These process-oriented methods have been known to bring repressed and traumatic symptoms into symbolizing form. A ‘third’, reflecting capacity can emerge over time, bringing a greater cohesion to mind and body.

This therapy is contrary to methods that attempt to understand, interpret, or analyze nightmares as their primary treatment. While these methods may ease the ego’s anxiety they may inadvertently serve to maintain psychic splitting. Both therapist and client/patient can become involved in a form of unconscious enactment, detaching from their own terror surrounding the traumatic impact of the nightmare.

About Kenneth Kimmel

Over his thirty-five year career as a psychotherapist, Director of the Pacific Northwest Center for Dream Studies, and Jungian psychoanalyst, Kenneth has heard over 30,000 dreams. He is author of Eros and the Shattering Gaze—Transcending Narcissism (Fisher King Press, 2011) and in 2013 contributed a chapter to a Jungian anthology entitled, The Dream and Its Amplification. (Fisher King Press, 2013, Edited by Erel Shalit and Nancy Furlotti).

His early training in Gestalt practice at Esalen Institute, Jungian active-imagination, and study of cross-cultural myths, dreams, and symbols help to inform the work presented in this seminar.

  • $45 including CEU’s. Pre-registration by February 8th.
  • $40 no CEU’s
  • $25 students/candidates


CEUs: 4 hours provided for Licensed Counselors, MFTs and Social Workers
CONTACT: Please phone or email us if you have any question:
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Learning Objectives

  • Develop clinical tools to contain, facilitate and process the client’s nightmare-induced affect and expression.
  • Provide information to clinicians so they may educate nightmare and night-terror sufferers about the relationship between panic reactions from sleep paralysis in REM State and certain ‘archetypal’ nightmare motifs.
  • Provide case consultation for clinical work with dreams.

Please be prepared to discuss a clinical case example or a personal experience of a nightmare. We will introduce experiential processes that can be applied to clinical work with dreams. Bring a journal and pen, art pad and colors.

When & Where

  • Saturday, February 15, 2014 9:30AM – 2:30PM
  • The New England Building
  • 219 First Ave S, Suite 405, Pioneer Square, Seattle, 98104
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Night photo courtesy of Valerie C. Preisler