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Buddha Teaching Mudra
Seated Buddha with Dharmachakra (“Teaching”) Mudra. © Miho Museum

Our Background History

The founders of the New School for Analytical Psychology in Seattle are graduates of Jungian analytic training programs, and share a deep appreciation of the work of C.G. Jung. His thought is wide-ranging, and our own theories and practices vary in their emphasis on his approach. To some, his original thinking still inspires their current theoretical understanding and practice. Others, while appreciating his pioneering explorations, integrate other conceptions of analysis more extensively. Varying in their emphases, individuals may deem themselves classical Jungian analysts, Jungian psychoanalysts, contemporary psychoanalysts, or simply psychoanalysts or psychotherapists.

Hands that work in the Earth

Hands That Work in the Earth

Our profession faces complex conditions of suffering and evolution, and each journey has a unique destiny that cannot be known in advance. The inherent ambiguity of our field creates anxiety in its practitioners, and there is a tendency to withdraw into defensive bastions of theory and practice. Our group shares a deep concern about the fundamentalist tendencies in all analytic schools. In tune with the breadth and depth of Jung’s original worldview, we look forward to the participation of scholars and clinicians from multiple traditions that offer unique perspectives on our ever-fascinating, ever-evolving realm of reflective endeavor.